Resources from the Field

The views reflected in these publications are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Grantmakers for Education.

December 2020 | Time to Act 2020
Data Quality Campaign

This year saw disruptions to schools and to students’ lives across the country. With a global pandemic shutting school doors, causing economic instability, and highlighting the impact of systemic racism, policymakers and education leaders are looking to data to help them respond and recover.

November 2020 | 50-State Comparison: Early Care and Education Governance
Education Commission of the States

This 50-State Comparison provides data on states’ early care and education governance systems, with a focus on the agencies that oversee these programs, the level of alignment of these programs and the advisory entities for early care and education in the state.

November 2020 | 50-State Comparison: K-12 Governance
Education Commission of the States

This resource provides a national overview of the key policymaking roles in K-12 education policy, a summary of each role’s general powers and duties, and some information on how they relate to other policymaking roles.

November 2020 | 50-State Comparison: State Postsecondary Governance Structures
Education Commission of the States

This resource provides a comprehensive summary of the various entities that make up postsecondary governance ecosystems in each state and the District of Columbia.

November 2020 | An Agenda for Restoring Civil Rights in K-12 Federal Education Policy
National Education Policy Center

In this policy memo, researchers offer six concrete suggestions for steps that the new administration can and should take to move forward in this crucial area.

November 2020 | Education Data Legislation Review 2020
Data Quality Campaign

Each year, DQC tracks state legislation from all 50 states and the District of Columbia that governs the collection and use of education data. This year’s report includes key themes, promising strategies, and next steps for state legislators.

November 2020 | Lessons Learned for Remote Learning and Hybrid Learning in COVID-19 and Beyond
Dignity in Schools

This guide builds off of Dignity in School's Model Code on Education and Dignity to examine how to apply these principles to learning in the 2020-21 academic year during the COVID-19 pandemic, with some of the specific adaptations that will be required under these circumstances to fully protect t

November 2020 | Partnering for Postsecondary Success in Rural Texas
The Foundation Review

Although students living in rural areas perform academically on par with their peers, they are less likely to complete a postsecondary credential due to geographic, economic, and other barriers.

November 2020 | State of Summer Learning: 2020 State Policy Snapshot
National Summer Learning Association

COVID-19 has illuminated the nation’s inequities in our school systems and communities like never before, shining a spotlight on the significant digital divide, food insecurities, childcare issues, and learning losses millions of underserved students and their families actually face every summer

November 2020 | State Workforce Development Policies
Education Commission of the States

This Policy Snapshot captures state legislative activity in 2020 concerning workforce development. Drawing on 308 bills introduced in 41 states and the District of Columbia, it identifies four trends in legislation: data and information; financial incentives; governance and planning; and educatio