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Policy Impact Group

The mission of the Policy Impact Group is to expand funders’ engagement with policy and advance their understanding of how to best inform and leverage policy in order to improve educational outcomes and increase opportunities for all learners. Join the Policy Impact Group.

The GFE Policy Impact Group can strengthen philanthropic work. The Policy Impact Group strives to support the larger field of education philanthropy through activities that support GFE members in understanding, informing and leveraging policy as part of their systemic strategy. 

GFE impact groups are organized to achieve measurable impacts. The definition of “impact” and metrics of success are carefully deliberated by impact group members and form the basis of impact group programs. Long-term impacts sought by the Policy Impact Group are:

  • Increase the number of foundations that understand the role of policy in advancing the mission, goals and work of education philanthropy.
  • Increase the number of foundations that leverage policy to improve educational outcomes for all learners.
  • Increase the number of foundations who are able to identify forcing events and opportunities.
  • Increase the number of foundations who invest in public-private partnerships.

We welcome your participation.  Joining the Policy Impact Group will give you access to resources and a committed group of practitioners that can help you:

  • Be prepared to take on public policy issues in education.
  • Target high impact strategic opportunities and core areas of influence.
  • Educate and mobilize partners to shape public policy.

All GFE members are invited to join the Policy Impact Group. Fill out this interest form to join. For more information, see our handout or contact Ana Tilton, executive director, for more information.