Webinar: Making the Difference in Student Success, the Matter of Affordability

Program Dates 
August 17, 2017 2:00 p.m. ET

Join this free webinar presented by the Postsecondary Access and Attainment (PSA2) Impact Group. College affordability goes beyond just the sticker price of tuition. Affordability refers to what it takes to really bring a high quality postsecondary education within reach for all students. Does your work support emergency aid programs? Studies on access and completion? Student scholarships? Initiatives to streamline transfer? We want to hear from you!

This webinar is designed to explore the strategies utilized across our funder community, and better understand gaps and opportunities to ensure student success. If you're interested in postsecondary affordability, join our interactive webinar to learn more and contribute to this important discussion. Register hereĀ >>