Webinar: How Funders Can Help Foster Safe and Inclusive Environments

Program Dates 
September 8, 2017

Students head back to school nearly a year after the conclusion of an election season that prompted tensions to flare and fear to escalate in classrooms and on playgrounds nationwide, particularly for immigrant and refugee students. Educators and parents are watching closely to see if elevated rates of bullying, harassment, and intimidation continue—and many school districts are adopting policies to foster a safe and inclusive learning environment for all. This webinar, cosponsored by Grantmakers for Education, Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees, and the Early Childhood Funders Collaborative, will consider the ways in which funders can support these efforts, and speakers will review trends and promising practices that are emerging at the local, state and national levels, in settings ranging from early childhood development centers to PreK-12 schools. Register here