Advancing Credential Transparency for Economic Recovery

Program Dates 
December 8, 2021

Virtual - Today there are almost 1 million unique credentials — diplomas, certificates, certifications, licenses, apprenticeships and degrees of all types and levels — offered within the U.S. Key stakeholders within the public education and workforce development system need access to comprehensive, comparable, and current information about all those credentials, their providers, the competencies included in them, and their value in the labor market.

Such information empowers state leadership — as well as students, workers, employers and educators — with a clearer understanding of which credentials lead to effective and equitable pathways, are stackable and portable, and lead to better employment outcomes. It offers administrators clarity of the effectiveness of programs and providers offered and funded across K-12, workforce, and higher education.  In turn, this can lead to better allocation of existing resources, bring valuable information to the public and incentivize providers to align with demand.  

Join Education Commission of the States' last Partnering for Success of 2021 to learn about how both Indiana and Ohio are working to advance credential transparency by creating a common language that describes, compares and hosts essential information about available credentials to move toward state policy goals. 

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