The Nexus Fellowship: GFE Accelerator

Per member feedback, the Nexus Fellowship will take place in the near future when we are able to host an in-person program. In the meantime, we will be offering other points of connection and professional development that will be supportive to you and your organization. Watch the Upcoming Programs page for equity-related programming.

Purpose: To strengthen education philanthropy’s understanding issues of racial equity, and support for changes to the organizations, institutions, structures and systems that maintain racism and oppression. The fellowship is a partnership with The Equity Lab.

Description: The Nexus Fellowship: GFE Accelerator is a personalized leadership program that prioritizes equity, deliberately combining the best in leadership, equity and management training. It is a custom version of The Equity Lab’s signature program offered exclusively to a small pilot cohort of GFE members and colleagues. Fellows will receive expert training focused on four key areas: self, technical leadership, adaptive leadership and the equityXdesign process. Learn more about the fellowship here.

Format: Spans one year composed of quarterly three-day residencies. Support in the form of dedicated coaching, a virtual learning community, modules and resources between sessions. 

Invitation:  Join us as a cohort member; open to Grantmakers for Education members and invited colleagues.

Have questions about the fellowship or application? Reach out to The Equity Lab at

The Nexus Fellowship: GFE Accelerator