Data Impact Group

The Grantmakers for Education Data Impact Group’s mission is to increase the power of data by enabling organizations to collect, interpret, value and act on educational data from cradle to career.

We are inspired to lead a process that will allow deeper engagement among GFE members and other key stakeholders that will result in effectively improving the use of data in education.  The impact group can:

  • Catalyze conversations to learn from the best in the industry to target opportunities for impact.
  • Convene grantmakers to analyze current investments, share challenges and solve problems together.
  • Review grantmaking approaches to maximize quick wins and opportunities to correct course in a critical friends network.
  • Share tools and methodologies to increase understanding of data through visualization, storytelling and active engagement with stakeholders.

Grantmakers for Education impact groups are organized to achieve measurable impacts. The definition of “impact” and metrics of success are carefully deliberated by impact group members and form the basis of field initiatives and co-investment. Projects for the Data Impact Group are:

  • Maximize grantmakers’ collective voices with the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to increase use of data elements like race, ethnicity and veteran status. 
  • Advance grantmakers' focus on credentials and licenses as postsecondary options, using an equity lens to ensure we promotion optoins for all students.

All GFE members are invited to join the Data Impact Group. Financial support is encouraged to help fulfill our impact measures. For more information, see our handout or contact us at