WGEO Webinar | Where Are Our Girls? Race and Gender Justice in Education Organizing

Program Dates 
Thursday, April 25 | 10:00 - 11:15 am Pacific

There is a growing movement among education organizers and funders to reform harsh school discipline policies that push students of color into the criminal justice system and lock them out of quality educational opportunities. However, one of the stumbling blocks to this movement is that discipline reform is focused primarily on young men. This exclusive focus fails to capture a wider definition of gender and the corresponding intersections of racial and gender-related disparities that must be addressed.

This webinar introduces a new framework for discussing race and gender disparities in education, one that is inclusive of girls and gender non-conforming students. We will highlight the specific challenges facing these populations, learn about new research to support an expanded movement, and hear about advocacy strategies and organizing efforts of these communities.


Kevin Jennings
President, Arcus Foundation (Moderator)

Monique Morris
2012 Soros Justice Fellow hosted by the African American Policy Forum

Geoffrey Winder
Senior Manager of the Gay Straight Alliance's Racial and Economic Justice Programs

This webinar is presented by GFE's Working Group on Education Organizing in partnership with the Funders for LGBTQ Issues.