The Power of Place: Raising College Graduation Rates

Program Dates 
June 7-8, 2012

Dozens of metropolitan areas and regions around the country are taking up the challenge of increasing postsecondary attainment in their own communities. These initiatives are multi-sector collaboratives bringing together higher education, K-12, the business community, workforce development, and nonprofit organizations to reach a common goal of producing more postsecondary graduates. Just a few examples of this work include the Talent Dividend Network (CEOs for Cities), Communities Learning in Partnership (National League of Cities), the College Readiness, Access, and Success Initiative (Business-Higher Education Forum), and College Success Networks (National College Access Network).

On June 7-8, leaders of initiatives like these from around the country will come together to share knowledge about successful strategies and consider how they might work together to be stronger advocates for postsecondary completion.

Participants will leave the event with a better understanding of:

  • The basic organization, goals, and activities that various data-driven, multisector collaboratives are taking to increase postsecondary access and success in their communities.
  • Key metrics for postsecondary access-success initiatives and how to overcome challenges in data collection and use.
  • The role of funders in organizing and supporting postsecondary access-success collaboratives.
  • Next steps for this strategy and education philanthropy.

When and Where

The program will take place at the Ronald Reagan Buliding and International Trade Center located at 1300 Pennyslyvania Ave., NW. Most likely, the program will start on Thursday, June 7 at 2 pm and end on Friday, June 8 at approximately 1:30 pm.

Registration Information

Through the generous support of Lumina Foundation, this event is free and open to all GFE members and invited guests of NCAN. Registration is limited to no more than 100 and is open until filled. 

Presented in partnership with NCAN in Washington, DC.