Resources from the Field

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September 2019 | Teachers Want to Use Data But Can’t Go It Alone
Data Quality Campaign

DQC’s 2019 national poll of teachers found they are strongly committed to using data in service of students – but are left on their own to make this happen.

September 2019 | The Importance of Early Childhood Education Programs
California School Boards Association

This brief offers a review of existing programs, what's missing, and thoughts on what's still needed in early childhood education in California.

September 2019 | Using Expanded Measures of Student Success for School Improvement
NewSchools Venture Fund

Based on research into NewSchools Venture Fund's portfolio of innovative public schools using recently implemented social, emotional, climate and academic measures, this report shares five new insights into how to measure student success with an aim toward school improvement.

August 2019 | 50-State Comparison: Dual/Concurrent Enrollment Policies
Education Commission of the States

Education Commission of the States researched dual/concurrent enrollment policies in all states to provide this comprehensive resource. This resource includes policy found in statutes, regulations and other state policy documents and guidelines, as of April 2019.

August 2019 | 50-State Comparison: K-12 Funding
Education Commission of the States

This 50-State comparison on K-12 funding puts ALL the information in one resource.

August 2019 | Campus Sexual Assault Policies
Education Commission of the States

This Policy Snapshot reviews 2019 legislative activity addressing postsecondary campus sexual assault. It includes state examples of introduced, enacted and failed legislation.

August 2019 | Creating Safe Schools: Examining Student Perceptions of Their Physical Safety at School
ACT Center for Equity in Learning

Safety is essential to student well-being and success.

August 2019 | Elevating Student Voice in Education
Center for American Progress

Students have the greatest stake in their education but little to no say in how it is delivered. This lack of agency represents a lost opportunity to accelerate learning and prepare students for a world in which taking initiative and learning new skills are increasingly paramount to success.

August 2019 | End-of-Course Exams and Student Outcomes
Thomas B. Fordham Institute

This report provides a rich longitudinal look at state policies related to end-of-course exams (EOCs) over the past twenty years and the effects of administering EOCs in different subjects on high school graduation rates and college entrance exam scores.

August 2019 | Immigration Resources: Inclusive School Communities
AFT's Share My Lesson

The AFT’s Share My Lesson offers a collection of lessons to help teachers educate all students about immigration and create inclusive school communities, from teachers, parents, and immigration advocacy organizations from across the country.