Resources from the Field

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April 2020 | The COVID-19 slide: What summer learning loss can tell us about the potential impact of school closures on student academic achievement
Collaborative for Student Growth at NWEA

This report provides preliminary estimates of the potential impacts of the extended pause of academic instruction during the coronavirus crisis by leveraging research on summer loss. Projections suggest major academic impacts from COVID closures for students, especially in mathematics.

April 2020 | The State of Preschool 2019
National Institute for Early Education Research

This report, based on data from the 2018-2019 academic year, shows just 34 percent of 4-year-olds and almost 6 percent of 3-year-olds were enrolled in state-funded preschool, little change over the last few years. State spending per child was flat since last year after adjusting for inflation.

March 2020 | ArtScan at a Glance 2019
Arts Education Partnership

This summary is updated annually to reflect changes in legislation concerning the arts in education. It includes arts education policies for all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia. Complete results from this review are available in an online searchable database.

March 2020 | Building Blocks: How One State is Working to Measure and Improve Schools’ Contributions to Early Learning
Regional Educational Laboratory Mid-Atlantic

The early grades lay an important foundation for students’ future academic success.

March 2020 | Completing College: National and State Reports
National Student Clearinghouse Research Center

The national college completion rates continue to rise. The six-year and eight-year college completion rates have reached new highs, 60 percent and 62 percent, respectively.

March 2020 | Program Design Roadmap: Helping Leaders Prepare to Drive Change in Early Childhood Care and Learning
Arabella Advisors

Well-prepared early childhood leaders motivate and inspire their teams, lead more resilient and effective organizations, and mobilize their communities to create systemic change. Yet effective, well-resourced leadership development programs are scarce and scattered.

March 2020 | Spring Forward: A clear path for your child’s success
Learning Heroes

Spring Forward: A clear path for your child's success, is a research-based, bilingual resource to help parents find ways to have a more accurate picture of their child’s progress with grade-level skills.

March 2020 | The Promotion Power Impacts of Louisiana High Schools

This study measured Louisiana public high schools' effects on the long-term success of its students as indicated by high school graduation, college or career readiness, college enrollment and persistence, and success in the job market.

March 2020 | The Road to Readiness: The Precursors and Practices that Predict School Readiness and Later School Success
Overdeck Family Foundation

What does it take for a child to enter school with the academic and socioemotional skills needed to succeed?

March 2020 | WE COUNT! A 2020 Census Counting Book
Simply Put

Help everyone be counted! This month mailboxes across the country are receiving a vital piece of our democracy wrapped in an envelope—the once-a-decade U.S. census form. These forms are the bedrock of our communities.