Resources from the Field

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December 2019 | Wide-Open Spaces: Schooling in Rural America Today
Bellwether Education Partners

This report provides education policymakers with a factbase on America’s rural schools and communities: the economic and academic challenges they face, their unique assets, and opportunities for improvement.

November 2019 | 2019 NAEP Report Card Analysis
Southern Education Foundation

Referred to as “The Nation’s Report Card”, the biennial National Assessment for Educational Progress (NAEP) is a comprehensive measurement of students’ performance. This analysis includes which states saw improvement, how they achieved it and recommendations.

November 2019 | A First Try at ROI: Ranking 4,500 Colleges
Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce

Using data from the expanded College Scorecard, this report ranks 4,500 colleges and universities by return on investment.

November 2019 | Educators’ Beliefs about Teaching Science and Social Studies in K-3

Research has shown that little time and emphasis have been placed on science and social studies in the early elementary grades.

November 2019 | Postsecondary Workforce Development Policies
Education Commission of the States

This Policy Snapshot reviews 2019 enacted legislation pertaining to postsecondary education and workforce development.

November 2019 | State Policymakers Must Include Information About Teachers on Report Cards
Data Quality Campaign

This resource emphasizes what states are required to share on their report cards and highlights where they should be including additional information to ensure that families understand the full picture of teacher effectiveness and experience.

November 2019 | System Failure: Gifted Education in the United States
Purdue University College of Education

This project investigated laws, access, equity, and missingness related to gifted education identification by locale, Title I school status, and race.

November 2019 | The Constructs Behind the Clicks

This report finds that social and emotional skills directly relate to how students interact with online learning activities and materials, which can be used to predict and improve student educational outcomes.

November 2019 | Why Rural Matters: 2018-2019 The Time Is Now
The Rural School and Community Trust

Why Rural Matters 2018-19 is the ninth in a series of reports analyzing the contexts and conditions of rural education in each of the 50 states and calling attention to the need for policymakers to address rural education issues in their respective states.

November 2019 | Young Learners, Missed Opportunities
The Education Trust

High-quality early childhood education (ECE) is important to the rapid development that happens in the first five years of a child’s life and has long-lasting benefits well into adulthood.