Resources from the Field

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September 2018 | Work-Based Learning: Model Policy Components
Education Commission of the States

This report "outlines state-level policy components that help ensure work-based learning opportunities for high school students are well-coordinated, broadly accessible, aligned to state or regional workforce demands, and of high quality."

August 2018 | 50-State Comparison: State Policies on School Discipline
Education Commission of the States

This resource provides easily accessible comparisons of state-level school discipline statutes across all 50 states.

August 2018 | Building Support for Student-Centered Learning: A Toolkit for Exploring the Future

This toolkit presents four activities you can engage in to imagine and embrace a vision for the future of learning that is student-centered and relevant to the changing education landscape.

August 2018 | Embracing and Measuring an Expanded Definition of Student Success
New Schools Venture Fund

In 2016-17, NSVF began a multi-year project to work with schools that have adopted expanded defintions of student success, to generate, analyze and share data on new indicators of success.

August 2018 | Opening Credits: An Introduction to PLA Policies
Education Commission of the States

This policy analysis acts as an guide for postsecondary institutions, and other education stakeholders and funders, to understand and reform prior learning assessment (PLA) policies.

August 2018 | The State of State Standards Post-Common Core
Thomas B. Fordham Institute

This report compares the Common Core English language arts (ELA) and math standards to those standards of states that do not use Common Core or have greatly altered Common Core for their state's schools.

August 2018 | Youth Organizing: A Model for Change
the Nellie Mae Education Foundation

This brief report summarizes a five year evaluation of eight youth organizing groups, who were awarded an Amplifying Student Voice and Leadership (ASVL) grant from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation. Findings support that different models of youth organizing produce distinct results and leadership development outcomes.

July 2018 | Diverse, Equitable, Inclusive K-12 Public Schools: A Call for Philanthropic Support
The Sillerman Center

This report highlights the benefits, visible for students of all backgrounds, of racially and socioeconomically diverse public schools.

July 2018 | Guiding Questions for State School Improvement Efforts
Education Commission of the States

This brief puts forth guiding questions in four key areas for policymakers, and funders, to use as a roadmap for improving outcomes at lower-performing schools.

July 2018 | Making Summer Pay Off: Using Behavioral Science to Encourage Postsecondary Summer Enrollment

This report summarizes the diagnostic process, intervention design informed by behavioral science, and implementation of two interventions aimed at increasing postsecondary summer term enrollment at four community colleges in Ohio.