Resources from the Field

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August 2020 | Summer Learning: A Bridge to Student Success and America’s Recovery, a COVID-19 PLAYBOOK
National Summer Learning Association

The purpose of this playbook is to provide a long-term, comprehensive, and sustainable framework for planning, collaborating, and executing evidence-based practices and partnerships for high-quality summer and out-of-school time (OST) experiences.

July 2020 | 2020 State Progress Reports
Southern Regional Education Board

Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) analysts monitor and report on states’ progress toward six Challenge to Lead 2020 Goals for education, which span early childhood through higher education and the workforce.

July 2020 | 50-State Comparison: Postsecondary Education Funding
Education Commission of the States

What do state policies say about how to fund postsecondary education?

July 2020 | 50-State Comparison: Teacher Employment Contract Policies
Education Commission of the States

Teacher employment contract policies can impact teacher compensation and benefits, performance evaluations and retention. These are key issues for state policymakers amid growing teacher activism and an emphasis on quality instruction.

July 2020 | All Hands on Deck: Guidance Regarding Reopening School Buildings
National Education Association

A guide to intentionally planning for school success during COVID-19 and beyond with health, safety, student learning, and equity at the forefront.

July 2020 | America’s Opportunity Gaps: By the Numbers
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce launched the Equality of Opportunity Initiative to address opportunity gaps that perpetuate broader inequalities in our society and hold back individual and business success and economic growth.

July 2020 | Blueprint for Testing: How Schools Should Assess Students During the Covid Crisis

As schools reopen this fall, educators will need to get a handle on exactly where students are in their learning and development in order to guide instruction, target interventions, and allocate resources.

July 2020 | Closing America’s Education Funding Gaps
The Century Foundation

This study from The Century Foundation examining the “funding gap” (the difference between the amount of funding school districts have and how much they need to bring students up to the current national average outcomes on reading and math assessments), which shows that school districts where a m

July 2020 | Equity and Inclusion: Effective Practices and Responsive Strategies - A Guidebook for College and University Leaders
University of Pennsylvania

This Guidebook highlight practices that can be incorporated and instituted across research universities, so that, nationally, higher education institutions may reflect more broadly equitable and inclusive environments. It includes a list of 50 essential readings that document effective practices in higher education as well as recommendations in four areas to facilitate institutional strategies for inclusion, excellence, and equity.

July 2020 | How Did The World’s Highest Performing Education Systems Approach Distance Learning?
National Center on Education and the Economy

Almost all top-performing education systems transitioned to distance learning this year so students could continue learning during coronavirus-related school closures.