Resources from the Field

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December 2014 | Building Capacity to Sustain Social Movements
Communities for Public Education Reform (CPER)

Drawing on experiences gained through CPER's national capacity building work, this report shares lessons about effective grantmaker strategies to build organization and field-wide capacity, focusing particularly on community organizing and advocacy organizations.

December 2014 | Education Policy Impacts 2007-2014
Communities for Public Education Reform (CPER)

Powered by multi-year campaigns that involved organizing, advocacy, research, and alliance building, CPER grantees played a key role in securing more than 90 policy wins on the school, district, state and federal level between 2007 and 2014.

December 2014 | Greater Power, Lasting Impact: Effective Grantmaker Strategies from the Communities for Public Education Reform Fund (CPER):
Communities for Public Education Reform (CPER)

CPER’s history of impact illustrates the efficacy of community organizing for sustainable education reform.  This report describes CPER’s grantmaking strategies and showcases impacts achieved in building communities, strengthening civic leadership,  and achieving policy change.

December 2014 | Strengthening Collaboration to Build Social Movements: Ten Lessons from the Communities for Public Education Reform Fund (CPER)
Communities for Public Education Reform (CPER)

When change goals are large and far-reaching, no single organization or foundation can achieve them.  Rather, big changes are most often achieved by broad movements.  This report explores effective grantmaker strategies to nurture collaboration between field advocates and allies in order to advan

November 2014 | Innovating Toward Vibrant Learning Ecosystems: Ten Pathways for Transforming Learning

Designed to help education stakeholders move from vision to action in transforming learning, a new paper from KnowledgeWorks, Innovating toward Vibrant Learning Ecosystems: Ten Pathways for Transforming Learning, details an innovation pathways framework identifying systemic levers of transformation that together promise to create a learning ecosystem that is vibrant for all learners and not just for those with means.

November 2014 | Degree Qualifications Profile
Lumina Foundation

After four years of beta testing at 400 colleges and universities and working with many partners, the Lumina Foundation unveiled its Degree Qualifications Profile (DQP). The DQP is a learning-centered framework for what college graduates should know and be able to do to earn an associate, bachelor's or master's degree in any field of study.

November 2014 | District Conditions for Scale: A Practical Guide to Scaling Personalized Learning

A new report released by KnowledgeWorks examines what conditions are necessary for a K-12 school district to put into place to support the scale of personalized learning (the focus on each individual student's strengths and needs).

November 2014 | Math Scores Add Up for Hispanic Students
Child Trends Hispanic Institute with support from The Annie E. Casey Foundation

This report, Math Scores Add Up for Hispanic Students, shows significant strides made by fourth and eighth grade Hispanic students over the past 10 years.

November 2014 | Metro D.C. School Spending Explorer
The Thomas B. Fordham Institute

Metro D.C. School Spending Explorer, an interactive map that shows the school-level, per-pupil funding for D.C. area schools, was recently released by The Thomas B. Fordham Institute.

November 2014 | Research Practice Partnerships
The William T. Grant Foundation

A new microsite hailed as a “one-stop shop” for building and maintaining successful collaborations between researchers and practitioners in education was announced by The William T. Grant Foundation and the Forum for Youth Investment (FYI).