Resources from the Field

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March 2020 | Spring Forward: A clear path for your child’s success
Learning Heroes

Spring Forward: A clear path for your child's success, is a research-based, bilingual resource to help parents find ways to have a more accurate picture of their child’s progress with grade-level skills.

March 2020 | The Promotion Power Impacts of Louisiana High Schools

This study measured Louisiana public high schools' effects on the long-term success of its students as indicated by high school graduation, college or career readiness, college enrollment and persistence, and success in the job market.

March 2020 | The Road to Readiness: The Precursors and Practices that Predict School Readiness and Later School Success
Overdeck Family Foundation

What does it take for a child to enter school with the academic and socioemotional skills needed to succeed?

March 2020 | WE COUNT! A 2020 Census Counting Book
Simply Put

Help everyone be counted! This month mailboxes across the country are receiving a vital piece of our democracy wrapped in an envelope—the once-a-decade U.S. census form. These forms are the bedrock of our communities.

February 2020 | #RealCollege 2020: Five Years of Evidence on Basic Needs Insecurity
The Hope Center

This report from The Hope Center provides an overview of findings from the 2019 #RealCollege survey about students' basic needs insecurities.

February 2020 | Equity Narratives: Recalling my own journey as I sent my son off to college
Lumina Foundation

One article from a series of narratives about the writer's "equity journey." Susan Johnson reflects on her academic experience.

February 2020 | Making Room For More: Building Support For Young Dual Language Learners In The US
Frameworks Institute

This strategic resource outlines and makes recommendations for seven key framing shifts necessary to advance public understanding and political will regarding dual language learning policy.

February 2020 | The Role of Advanced Placement in Bridging Excellence Gaps
Thomas B. Fordham Institute

American education has long been plagued by excellence gaps among the young people who make it into the highest levels of academic performance. This report examines Advanced Placement’s role in helping students from underserved populations achieve high levels of academic success.

January 2020 | Enhancing STEM in P-3 Education
Education Commission of the States

This policy guide, informed by experts in early education and STEM fields, identifies policies and actions a state can adopt to bring STEM opportunities to the early grades (pre-K through third).

January 2020 | Fault Lines: America's Most Segregating School District Borders, 2020 Update

The borders of many school districts serve to concentrate poverty in their classrooms and separate their students from resources. This report identifies the borders that create the greatest degree of economic segregation between districts.