Resources from the Field

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January 2019 | An Overview of Scholarship Tax Credit Programs
Education Commission of the States

This report takes a deep dive into one form of private school choice that has been receiving more attention in recent years.

January 2019 | Communicating a Shared Vision for Students and Education
Hattaway Communications

This message manual is designed to help field leaders and organizations communicate consistently about a shared vision to advance student success and equity in education.

January 2019 | From a Nation at Risk to a Nation at Hope
The Aspen Institute National Commission on Social, Emotional & Academic Development

This report from Aspen Institute Commission on Social, Emotional and Academic Development provides strong evidence for support of social and emotional learning as a necessary and important part of academic development. 

January 2019 | Growth Data: It Matters, and It’s Complicated
Data Quality Campaign

Forty-eight states and Washington, D.C. have committed to measuring and reporting on individual student growth under ESSA. This means everyone in those states – from parents to policymakers – will have more information than before on student performance and school quality.

January 2019 | Open Enrollment
Education Commission of the States

This policy snapshot briefly examines open enrollment (a form of school choice), reviews which states enacted bills related to open enrollment from 2014 to 2018 and includes examples of recently enacted legislation.

January 2019 | Persistence: The Success of Students Who Transfer from Community Colleges to Selective Four-Year Institutions
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation

This report strives to better understand the trend of community college students transferring to selective four-year institutions, and to study their persistence post-transfer.

January 2019 | Weaving Successful Partnerships: When Funders, Evaluators, and Intermediaries Work Together
Equal Measure

What creates success in partnerships between funders, intermediaries and evaluators?

December 2018 | 50-State Comparison: Developmental Education Policies
Education Commission of the States

In this resource, ECS compiled state-level and postsecondary institution developmental education assessment and placement policies. These policies are used to determine learners' college readiness and course placement. 

December 2018 | Beyond the Bell: Leveraging Community Assets for an Expanded Learning System
Center on Reinventing Public Education

"In this essay, Betheny Gross argues that while the current emphasis on wraparound services has helped meet some of the many needs today’s students face, a more organic, crowdsourced approach to engaging the community could ultimately result in more agile and responsive opportunities for students."

December 2018 | Educational Equality in the Future: Risks and Opportunity
Center on Reinventing Public Education

"This essay examines the implications of a more customized, agile system for the students who have historically lacked full access to learning opportunities."