Resources from the Field

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December 2018 | Beyond the Bell: Leveraging Community Assets for an Expanded Learning System
Center on Reinventing Public Education

"In this essay, Betheny Gross argues that while the current emphasis on wraparound services has helped meet some of the many needs today’s students face, a more organic, crowdsourced approach to engaging the community could ultimately result in more agile and responsive opportunities for students."

December 2018 | Educational Equality in the Future: Risks and Opportunity
Center on Reinventing Public Education

"This essay examines the implications of a more customized, agile system for the students who have historically lacked full access to learning opportunities."

December 2018 | Engaging the Arts in the Broader Education Policy Landscape
Education Commission of the States

This report looks at how arts education and arts leaders can be engaged in education policy change efforts and solutions.

December 2018 | Forging Ahead: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Foundation Investing Activities
The Giving Practice

"This report includes interviews with executives at eight large foundations" on "how DEI can shape the structure of the investing department, the work of investment committees and the choice of investments."

November 2018 | 2018 National Farm to Early Care and Education Survey
National Farm to School Network

These materials summarize survey results from early care and education (ECE) providers across the country on the benefits and challenges of using farm to ECE to foster high quality learning environments that promote health and well-being among children. 

November 2018 | Advancing Racial Equity Through Capacity Building: The Kresge Foundation’s Talent and Leadership Development Efforts

This case study is one of five in a GrantCraft series on foundations working with consultants to build grantee-capacity. This case study looks at the Kresge Foundation's FUEL (Fostering Urban Equitable Leadership) program for their grantees.

November 2018 | Culturally Responsive Education (CRE): CRE Stories
Media Sutra

This 9 part docu-series and related resources highlight stories from students, parents, educators, and other school and thought leaders about culturally responsive education and its lack in current education systems.

November 2018 | Forecast 5.0 – The Future of Learning: Navigating the Future of Learning

In their 5th comprehensive forecast, KnowledgeWorks identifies 5 societal drivers of change and predicts what they could mean for the future of learning.

November 2018 | Motivation and Engagement in Student Assignments: The Role of Choice and Relevancy
The Education Trust

This brief dives into the role that choice and relevancy play in fostering motivation and engagement among students when faced with difficult assignments in school.

November 2018 | Our Separate & Unequal Public Colleges: How Public Colleges Reinforce White Racial Privilege and Marginalize Black and Latino Students
The Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce

This report thoroughly details how our public higher education system is increasing gaps in access and attainment for Black and Latino students, via admissions practices and unequal, growing funding disparities.