2018 Regional Summits Sponsorship Packet

Grantmakers for Education Summits on Racial Equity

June 12, 2018 – Washington, DC
August 21, 2018 – San Francisco, CA
August 23, 2018 – Dallas, TX

Grantmakers for Education is proud to partner with Lumina Foundation and other regional, state and local members to host three summits on racial equity in 2018. These regional summits are designed to galvanize the philanthropic community, promote collaboration, and support grantmakers to embrace an equity lens both internally and externally to increase success for learners.

These summits will provide an opportunity for funders to wrestle with challenging issues regarding racial equity in education and consider impact strategies for addressing persistent inequities. Philanthropic leaders seeking to embrace strategic action to increase educational success for African-American, Hispanic and Native American learners, as well as learners in other racial groups, are invited to attend one of these dynamic summits.

Given years of research and the stark inequities faced by many communities across the United States, there is little doubt that philanthropy, along with many other stakeholders, has a role to play in assuring that these learners succeed.  Equity means giving every learner what they need to succeed regardless of where they start or the challenges they face along the way. Foundations can serve as change-makers and catalysts in closing the aspirational and achievement gaps caused by inequities.

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The Summit Program

Each regional convening will explore structural and institutional racism and inequity along the education pathway. The thoughtfully-guided program will encourage philanthropic leaders to develop and implement strategies for action for internal organizational change, as well as externally, through the grantmaking process.

Through each conversation, participants will be connected to national and regional thought leaders in the racial equity movement. They will be introduced to innovative strategies for addressing potential racial equity blind spots within their organizations. Participants will also be exposed to tested policies, programs and practices that build a racially diverse community of grantees that explicitly increase racial justice. 

Questions to be explored during each summit may include:

  • How might philanthropic leaders adapt internal and external strategies to achieve racial equity?
  • What philanthropic blind spots keep foundations from advancing racial equity with intentionality, transparency and long-term commitment?
  • What incentives are needed to encourage funders to embrace an effective racial equity strategy?
  • What effective interventions currently exist to close and eliminate the educational attainment gap for American Indian, African-American and Hispanic learners as compared to other groups?

These questions and more will be explored within a safe and collaborative funder environment designed to encourage transparency, candor and a commitment to action.

Speakers, panelists and facilitators for all three summits are still moving through the review and vetting process.  We welcome your suggestions and feedback regarding noteworthy individuals that could provide a valuable perspective to this conversation.

About Grantmakers for Education

Grantmakers for Education is the largest and most diverse consortium of education philanthropists in the nation.

Founded in 1995 on the premise that collective insights, shared resources and constructive collaboration enable grantmakers to make more intentional and impactful investments in public education and beyond, Grantmakers for Education set out to demonstrate the power of networks in affecting greater change.

Our motto, Together, what’s next, positions us to build upon our strong history and move with our members toward the future, exploring new ideas and more strategic ways of working together.

Become a Sponsor

Be a part of this unique opportunity to invest in furthering action in education philanthropy on racial equity. Grantmakers for Education set the registration fee for all three regional philanthropy summits on racial equity at a cost that makes the program accessible to all members. However, registration fees do not cover the full cost of each summit. Therefore, we rely on funders like you to underwrite this powerful learning experience.  Sponsorship support would be most helpful in the following areas:

  1. Publish and disseminate a summary issue brief describing lessons learned from all three summits and the action steps taken by funders.
  2. Host a high-profile speaker, with honorarium and travel expenses covered.
  3. Provide collateral items for all participants:  books, journals, pens, etc.

Host a small-group dinner with a speaker to support an intimate environment for discussion.

Sponsor Recognition

All sponsors will:

  • Be recognized on the Grantmakers for Education website, on the registration site and on other event materials.
  • Be acknowledged during the opening remarks for each summit.

If you have any questions or would like to become a sponsor, please contact Heidi Starks, hstarks@edfunders.org, 503-595-2100.