PSA2 Online Exchange: Supporting Higher Education Policy and Advocacy

Program Dates 
September 20, 2018

Video conference - Participants in this video conference call, held September 20 from 1-2 p.m. ET, will be able to share ideas and insights on their efforts to support higher education policy and advocacy. We will learn from each other about different approaches to policy and advocacy work, elevate successes and challenges, consider differences in working in “blue” states versus “red” states, and discuss how student voice can be leveraged in this work. Whether your foundation has a great deal of experience with this topic or is just exploring the idea, we welcome your involvement in the conversation.

There is no charge to attend this video call. Register here.

This is the first of two video conferences hosted by the PSA2 Impact Group this year. The second will be held November 28. Mark your calendar!