Boots on the Ground: Practitioner Approved Postsecondary Resources & Tools

Program Dates 
June 11, 2020, 12:00 p.m. ET

As the academic year gives way to summer, students weigh their postsecondary options with uncertainty in light of the pandemic. Already, the field has seen a 20% drop in enrollment, with higher rates among students of color. In addition, 32% of students of color say it is unlikely or uncertain that they will return to college this fall. As the fallout of COVID-19 threatens to keep campuses in partial or complete lockdown for the remainder of 2020, students find they are in greater need for support than ever before.

This session will feature three organizations that are building inroads toward a better future for postsecondary students who are at higher risk. Featured speakers will share information gathered from students, challenges they anticipate in providing supportive services and where unmet need remains. We can’t afford to leave anyone behind. Learn more and register here.