Artificial Intelligence in Education

Program Dates 
June 5, 2019

Join this private seminar for GFE members, presented by the Center for Curriculum Redesign and held at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. CCR founder and expert Charles Fadel will lead a conversation on understanding the impact of artifical intelligence in education. Attendees will explore the "What" - standards, assessments, curricula - and "How" - pedagogical practices - of artificial intelligence, as well as AI's impact on equity. Ample time will be devoted to understand the unfolding threats and affordances of artificial intelligence in education and the implications for grantmakers and grantmaking, enabling philanthropic leaders to work in more effective, strategic ways. Learn more and register here. Space is limited; registration closes June 4.

"It is grand time to act in a world of possibilities—with courage. Technology is on the march exponentially, and it is a source of disruptions (via automation and offshorability), as well as solutions and incredible new possibilities—if we leverage it rather than trail it." Charles Fadel, Five Things I've Learned