Impact Exchange Learning Community: Finding Leverage & Forging Equity-Centered Networks

Program Dates 
January 21 - 22, 2020

New York, NY - The Learning Community is a series of structured learning opportunities on systems change and collaborative networks, with equity at the center. Each session offers funders and practitioners a unique set of tools and knowledge they can apply directly to achieving large-scale impact. This exciting day-and-a-half session has two learning objectives:

  • Understand leverage points, the critical places in systems that hold the key to transformation. What are they? How do we identify them? Why are they an essential element in systems change? How can they be a powerful tool for increased collaboration and inclusion?
  • Learn what it means to build equitable collaborative networks. What does centering equity look like, in a network context? How does a group hold these conversations as it pursues systemic goals? What are the implications for culture, structure, and process? And, if a network hasn’t previously put equity at the center, what can it do to change?

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