Cash Transfers as an Emergency Response to Housing Instability

Program Dates 
June 5, 2020, 1:00 p.m. ET

Virtual - Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Direct Cash Transfers (DCT) have become more and more a topic of discussion. With unemployment rates increasing, many are uncertain what the future holds both during the crisis and in the recovery period. This uncertainty has brought the intervention of cash transfers to the forefront as a way to quickly help stabilize people during times of emergency. Prior to the pandemic, Point Source Youth and Chapin Hall began a DCT pilot to evaluate the impact of DCT on young people experiencing housing instability. With cash transfers, young people are able to pay for immediate needs that support their stability.

This webinar will explore cash transfers as a tool in emergency response, during COVID-19 and in other emergencies, how philanthropy is currently supporting this work and what additional opportunities there are to leverage this intervention in communities. Learn more and register here.