Arts Education Impact Group

Help facilitate the creative expression of student voices and ensure all students have the skills they need to be ready for college, career and life by joining the Arts Education Impact Group. The Arts Education Impact Group aims to support education philanthropy in meeting its goals and priorities by incorporating arts in education as a strategic resource.

Arts Education

The mission of the Arts Education Impact Group is to encourage understanding among GFE members of the benefits of a quality arts education to drive school improvement. Its vision is to have arts as a pathway to learning for all students.

Data support the results of art education in improving academic and social outcomes for students as well as strengthening the instructional effectiveness of teachers reaching a diverse range of learners. The arts are an integral part of the solution in preparing all students, especially students of color and other marginalized student populations, for success.

The Arts Education Impact Group can strengthen your grantmaking impact. We are inspired to lead a process that will allow deeper engagement among GFE members and other key stakeholders that will result in effectively improving the use of data in education. The impact group can help you:

  • Stay current on the most updated, beneficial arts education resources.
  • Identify key programs, based on quality research, that use arts education to decrease educational barriers.
  • Carry out successful collaboration between arts education and education philanthropy.

All GFE members are invited to join the Arts Education Impact Group. Financial support is encouraged to help fulfill our impact measures. For more information, see our handout or contact us at