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Common Core



Practical Guides

Whether you are already invested in or thinking about investing in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), GFE’s series of CCSS guides can help you evaluate and make informed investments.

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The Common Core offers a blueprint for what nearly every US student will learn in English and math. Guide one takes a look at the development and impact of these new standards in K-12 schools.

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Knowledge and context are critical in making wise resource and investment choices. Guide two offers information, ideas and concrete steps to develop a grantmaking approach to the Common Core that aligns with your organization’s mission.

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There are many ways that funders can support the Common Core—with and beyond a monetary investment. Guide three explores the various ways grantmakers can add value to state and school district efforts to implement the standards.

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Lessons in Collaboration

Review findings in the 2015 comprehensive report titled Funding the Common Core Standards: What Have We Learned the Last Three Years?

Common Core Webinar

Access recorded webinars about the Common Core. Watch webinars »