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A new report by Lumina Foundation focuses on progress towards reaching Goal 2025 -- a goal that calls for 60% of Americans to hold a college degree, certificate or other high-quality postsecondary credential by the year 2025. The report highlights the higher education attainment rate of the U.S.


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Join GFE at the 19th Annual Grantmakers for Education Conference and learn how grantmakers are working together to shape the future of education.

This publication from the William T. Grant Foundation discusses how, “research is not the next silver bullet for education reform, and simply mandating its use will not get us to our ultimate goals of better teaching and learning.”

This publication by The Thomas B. Fordham examines district-run and charters school closures in Ohio that affected 22,722 students.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's recent publication explores questions such as: Who sponsors teacher fellowships? How are teachers connected beyond their fellowship programs?