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Wondering what goes on behind the postsecondary funding curtain? Join us for a webinar this July. Lumina Foundation and the Kresge Foundation will pull back the curtain to reveal to fellow PSA2 Impact Group members a unique view of their current work and future directions. This represents an opportunity to learn about important initiatives that may influence or benefit your own work on a local, regional or national level. Learn more.

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The National Week of Making provides opportunities for interactive, hands-on learning and gives students the chance to explore new possibilities. Learn more

Kent McGuire, President and CEO of Southern Education Foundation, recently presided over an esteemed panel at the Clinton Global Initiative. Read more

GFE's Annual Conference is coming in October and registration is opening soon! Save the date for this challenging and exciting program. Learn more

This is an opportune policy leverage point for grantmakers. Learn more about how you can affect education policy to improve outcomes for learners.